Communication is the key

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Communication is the key

Essay written by Radina Georgieva

7th grade student Yordan Yovkov Primary School

Varna Bulgaria

Social energy has been overlooked for years and left unnoticed by anyone. But because of the growing interest in improving working capacity, and in particular teamwork, the theme of social energy is becoming popular and up-to-date.

There is a claim that it is precisely the lack of social energy in the workplace and in the house that has been the cause of recent invasion of the term "burning syndrome", or otherwise, a syndrome of excessive fatigue to full exhaustion and the consumption of all energy reserves. This deficit of social energy is the cause of the lack of fruitful communication and hence misunderstanding and increased workplace tensions.

According to some studies, one of the main reasons for the celebration is the lack of social energy. After the holidays everyone feels better precisely because of the exchange of positive energy transmitted through good wishes.

Egoism - the main reason for communication

Whenever you talk to someone, do not forget that you and he are mainly guided by selfishness. If you accept this less uncompromisingly, you will lose a lot less social energy, you will feel much more toned, no matter how unpleasant the previous conversation is.

Emotions, communication and social energy

Each conversation is influenced by the views of the participants, no matter how hard they try to conceal their emotions. Sometimes discussing good topics can reduce your positive social energy supply if your interlocutor is in a bad mood. Undoubtedly speaking with a positive person can inspire you and increase your positive social energy.

With communication we start friendship,relationship and love.When we are kind and positive to people they are kind and positive too.It makes our world better and full with positive energy.

Communication will save the world.

Positive communication

Essay written by Teodora Koicheva

7th grade student Yodan Yovkov Primary school

Varna Bulgaria

What is communication? Something so easy and so hard. Today we can connect and communicate with people so easy. But the way we are communicating with them is important. If we are positive we can find new friends, have a better time with each other and we will be happy.

Positive communication is the key for one better world with les wars. Together we can change the future!

How to be a more positive communicator?

1. Think before you speak!

2. Every story has 2 sides. Look at them carefully and find the truth somewhere in the middle!

3. Be careful with the tone of your voice!

4. Respect the feelings and opinions of others!

5. Treat others the way you want to be treated!

6. Just say something nice and smile! It can make someone happy and confident. J

7. Look at the positive side of the things! J

8. Control your feelings!

9. Offer your help!

10. Respect the differences between each other!

We can make the world better!

It is easy: Just be a positive person! J